Projekt Ich - feat Richard Pustina

Yor Life Is A Lie

With ”Your Life Is A Lie”, Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller is going to release the twelfth single from the forthcoming second studio album which will be released via ECHOZONE on May 13th, 2022.
Following the successful debut album “By Train Through Countries” (2019), Ulf took a short creative break before getting back to work again. He produced several demo songs to continue the debut album’s proven concept of cooperating with various talented singers from all over the world.
This time Ulf was able to get the vocal support of Richard Pustina (Radio DCS, Ottoextrem, Boyracer Records) from Vienna / Austria who wrote the lyrics in his native tongue and created the striking vocal melody of "Your Life Is A Lie". As a special treat he sings the song in a slightly mitigated form of his dialect.
“Your Life Is A Lie” tells the story of a toxic relationship between to people with the woman dominating the man in an extreme way. Mercilessly, she turns him into a plaything of her power which she exercises over him and let her satisfy her desires. Without realizing it, the man falls more and more into the clutches of his ruthless partner and gets caught up in the maelstrom of his misguided love until he finally gives up on himself in self-destructive intent and chooses suicide to find lasting salvation.
The single "Your Life Is A Lie" features the original track as well as ten outstanding remixes by international bands and artists like #Monotronic (DE), POS.:2 (DE), #Halo (DE), Fiber Fav (CA), Blackened (CA), #TheDyingMachine (DE), Steffrey Yan (CA), We've Come To Steal Your Energy (UK), YellowFin Tuner (CA), two extended remix versions by instrumental remix versions by Blackened (CA) and We've Come To Steal Your Energy (UK) plus the original’s instrumental.

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